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[sig. Aiiiir]

❧ The lamentable louer abiding in the
bitter bale of direfull doubts towards
his Ladyes loyalty, writeth vnto her as followeth. +

H Ealth I thee send, if hee may giue, that which himself doth misse: For thy sweet brest, doth harbor whole, my bloody bale or blisse, I neede no scribe, to scry my care, in restlesse rigorspread: They that behold, my chaunged cheare, already iudge mee dead. (5) My baned limmes, haue yeelded vp, their woontedioy to dye: My healthles hand, doth nought but wring, & dry my dropping eye, The deadly day, in doleI passe, a thousand times I craue The noysomenight: agayne I wish, the dolefullday to haue. Eche howre to mee, most hatefull is, eche place doth vrgemy wo: (10) No foode mee feedes, close vp mine eyes, to gastly graue I go. No Phisickes art, can giue the salue, to heale my paynfull part: Saue only thou, the salue and sore, + of this my captiue hart, Thou art the branch that sweetly springs, whose hart is sound & true Can only cheare mee wofull wight, or force my want to rue. +(15) Then giue to mee, the sap I thirste, which gift may giue mee ioy, I mean thy firme, & faythful loue, whose want breeds mine annoy, Remember yet sure freendship had, ypast betweene vs twayneForget him not, for loue of thee, who sighes in secret payne. I oft doo seeme in company, a gladsome face to beare, (20) But God thou knowst my inward woes, & cares that rent mee there: And that I may, gush out my greefe, in secret place alone, I bid my freends farewell in haste, I say I must be gone. Then haste I fast, with heauy hart, in this my dolefullcase: Where walkes no wight, but I alone, in drowsie desart place, (25) And there I empt, my laden hart, that sweld in fretting mone: My sighes and playnts, and panges I tell, vnto my selfe alone. What shall I say? doo aske mee once, why all these sorowes bee? I answere true, O foe or freend, they all are made for thee.