EnglandsHelicon Z4v


Let Fancie be no more at beck, when Beautie lookes so big. When Venus heard how they conspir’d, to murther women so: (95) Me thought indeede the house was fier’d, with stormes and lightning tho. The thunder-bolt through windowes burst. and in their steps a wight: Which seem’d some soule or sprite accurst, (100) so vgly was the sight. I charge you Ladies all (quoth he) looke to your selues in hast: For if that men so wilfull be, and haue their thoughts so chast; (105) And they can tread on Cupids brest, and martch on Venus face: Then they shall sleepe in quiet rest, when you shall waile your case. With that had Venus all in spight, (110) stir’d vp the Dames to ire: And Lust fell cold, and Beautie white, sate babling with Desire. Whose mutt’ring words I might not marke, much whispering there arose: (115) The day did lower, the Sunne wext darke, away each Lady goes. But whether went this angry flock, our Lord him-selfe doth know: Where-with full lowdly crewe the Cock, (120) and I awaked so. A dreame (quoth I?) a dogge it is, I take thereon no keepe: I gage my head, such toyes as this, dooth spring from lack of sleepe.

FINIS. Ignoto.