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Not so faire Goddesse (quoth Free-will, ) in me there is a choise: (55) And cause I am of mine owne ill, if I in thee reioyce. And when I yeeld my selfe a slaue, to thee, or to thy Sonne: Such recompence I ought not haue, (60) if things be rightly done. Why foole stept forth Delight, and said, when thou art conquer’d thus: Then loe dame Lust, that wanton maide, thy Mistresse is iwus. (65) And Lust is Cupids darling deere, behold her where she goes: She creepes the milk-warme flesh so neere, she hides her vnder close. Where many priuie thoughts doo dwell, (70) a heauen heere on earth: For they haue neuer minde of hell, they thinke so much on mirth. Be still Good Meaning, quoth Good Sport, let Cupid triumph make: (75) For sure his Kingdome shall be short if we no pleasure take. Faire Beautie, and her play-feares gay, the virgins Vestalles + too: Shall sit and with their fingers play, (80) as idle people doo, If Honest Meaning fall to frowne, and I Good Sport decay: Then Venus glory will come downe, and they will pine away. (85) Indeede (quoth Wit ) this your deuice, with straungenes must be wrought, And where you see these women nice, and looking to be sought: With scowling browes their follies check, (90) and so giue them the Fig: