EnglandsHelicon Z3r


¶ Another Sonet thence taken. +

Z Ephirus brings the time sweetly senteth with flowers and hearbs, which Winters frost exileth: Progne now chirpeth, Philomel +lamentesh, Flora the Garlands white and red compileth: (5) Fields doo reioyce, the frowning skie relenteth, Ioue to behold his dearest daughter smileth: The ayre, the water, the earth to ioy consenteth, each creature now to loue him reconcileth. But with me wretch, the stormes of woe perseuer, (10) and heauie sighs which from my hart she straineth That tooke the key thereof to heauen for euer, so that singing of birds, and spring-times flowring: And Ladies loue that mens affection gaineth, are like a Desert, and cruell beasts deuouring.


¶The Sheepheards slumber. +

I N Pescod time + when Hound to horne, giues eare till Buck be kild: And little Lads with pipes of corne, sate keeping beasts a field. (5) I went to gather Strawberies tho, by Woods and Groaues full faire: And parcht my face with Phœbus so, in walking in the ayre. That downe I layde me by a streame, (10) with boughs all ouer-clad: And there I met the straungest dreame, that euer Sheepheard had. Me thought I saw each Christmas game, each reuell all and some: