EnglandsHelicon Z1r


(35) Speake shee said thou fairest, Beautie thou impairest, see mee, I am pale and wan: Louers all adore mee, I for loue implore thee, (40) christall teares with that downe ran.
Him heere-with shee forc’d to come sit downe by her, Shee his necke embrac’de gazing in his face: (45) Hee like once + transformd stird no looke to eye her Euery hearbe did wooe him growing in that place. Each bird with a dittie, (50) prayed him for pitty in behalfe of beauties Queene: Waters gentle murmour, craued him to loue her, yet no liking could be seene. (55) Boy shee sayd, looke on mee, Still I gaze vpon thee, speake I pray thee my delight: Coldly hee replyed, And in breefe denyed, (60) to bestow on her a sight.
I am now too young, to be wunne by beauty, Tender are my yeeres I am yet a bud: (65) Fayre thou art, shee said then it is thy dutie, Wert thou but a blossome to effect my good. Euery beauteous flower, (70) boasteth in my power,