EnglandsHelicon Y4r


Sunne then being set, Feare not Vulcanes net, (70) though that Mars therein was caught: If she doo denie Thus to her replie Venus lawes she must be taught. Then with kisses mooue her, (75) That’s the way to prooue her, thus thy Phillis must be wone: She will not forsake thee, But her Loue will make thee, When Loues duty once is done.
(80) Happie shall I be, If she graunt me fauour, Else for loue I die Phillis is so faire: Boldly then goe see, (85) thou maist quickly haue her, Though she should denie, yet doo not despaire. She is full of pride, Venus be my guide, (90) helpe a sillie Sheepheards speede: Vse no such delay, Sheepheard, goe thy way, venture man and doo the deede. I will sore complaine me, (95) Say that loue hath slaine thee, if her fauours doo not feede: But take no deniall, Stand vpon thy triall, spare to speake, and want of speede. +