EnglandsHelicon Y2r


I know, said shee, tis worse then hell, when Parents choyse must please our eyes: Great hurt comes thereby, I can tell, forc’d loue in desperate danger dies. (40) Fayre mayde, then fancie thy true loue.
If wee, quoth hee, might see the houre, of that sweet state which neuer ends, Our heauenly gree might haue the power, to make our Parents as deere freends. (45) All rancour yeelds to soueraine loue.
Then God of loue +, sayd shee, consent, and shew some wonder of thy power: Our Parents, and our owne content, may be confirmde by such an houre, (50) Graunt greatest God to further loue.
The Fathers, who did alwayes tend, when thus they got theyr priuate walke, As happy fortune chaunc’d to send, vnknowne to each, heard all this talke. (55) Poore soules to be so crost in loue.
Behind the hills whereon they sate, they lay this while and listned all: And were so mooued both thereat, that hate in each began to fall. (60) Such is the power of sacred loue.
They shewed themselues in open sight, poore Louers, Lord how they were mazde? And hand in hand the Fathers plight, whereat (poore harts) they gladly gazde. (65) Hope now begins to further loue.