EnglandsHelicon V4r


Soone came a third, your loue to win: And we were out, and he was in.

Adiew Loue. &c.
Sure you haue made me passing glad, (25) That you your minde so soone remoued: Before that I the leysure had, To choose you for my best beloued. For all my loue was past and done: Two dayes before it was begun.

(30) Adiew Loue. &c.

FINIS. Out of M. Birds set Songs.

ΒΆ Lycoris the Nimph, her sad Song. +

I N dewe of Roses, steeping her louely cheekes, Lycoris thus sate weeping. Ah Dorus false, that hast my hart bereft me, And now vnkinde hast left me. (5) Heare alas, oh heare me, Aye me, aye me, Cannot my beautie mooue thee? Pitty, yet pitty me, Because I loue thee. (10) Aye me, thou scorn’st the more I pray thee: And this thou doo’st, and all to slay me. Why doo then, Kill me, and vaunt thee:Yet my Ghoast (15) Still shall haunt thee.

FINIS. Out of M. Morleyes Madrigalls.