EnglandsHelicon V3r


¶Her present aunswere againe to him. +

M E thinks thou tak’st the worser way, (Enamoured Sheepheard) and in vaine That thou wilt seeke thine owne decay, To loue her, that dooth thee disdaine.
(5) For thine owne selfe, thy wofull hart Keepe still, else art thou much to blame: For she to whom thou gau’st each part Of it, disdaines to take the same.
Follow not her that makes a play, (10) And iest of all the greefe and paines: And seeke not (Sheepheard) thy decay. To loue her that thy loue disdaines.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ His last replie. +

S Ince thou to me wert so vnkinde, My selfe I neuer loued, for I could not loue him in my minde, Whom thou (faire Mistresse) doo’st abhorre.
(5) If viewing thee, I sawe thee not, And seeing thee, I could not loue thee: Dying, I should not liue (God wot) Nor liuing, should to anger mooue thee.
But it is well that I doo finde (10) My life so full of torments, for All kinde of ills doo fit his minde Whom thou (faire Mistresse) doo’st abhorre.