EnglandsHelicon V2r


¶ Of Phillida. +

A S I beheld, I saw a Heardman wilde, with his sheepe-hooke a picture fine deface: Which he sometime his fancie to beguile,had caru’d on bark of Beech in secret place. (5) And with despight of most afflicted minde, through deepe dispaire of hart, for loue dismaid: He pull’d euen from the tree the carued rinde,and weeping sore, these wofull words he said. Ah Phillida, would God thy picture faire, (10) I could as lightly blot out of my brest: Then should I not thus rage in deepe dispaire, and teare the thing sometime I liked best. But all in vaine, it booteth not God wot:What printed is in hart, on tree to blot.

FINIS. Out of M. Birds set Songs.

¶ Melisea her Song, in scorne of her Sheepheard Narcissus. +

Y Oung Sheepheard turne a-side, and moue Me not to follow thee: For I will neither kill with loue, Nor loue shall not kill me.
(5) Since I will liue, and neuer show, Then die not, for my loue I will not giue For I will neuer haue thee loue me so, As I doo meane to hate thee while I liue.
That since the louer so dooth proue, (10) His death, as thou doo’st see: