EnglandsHelicon V1r


¶ Cardenia the Nimph, to her false Sheepheard Faustus. +

F Austus, if thou wilt reade from me These fewe and simple lines, By them most clearely thou shalt see, How little should accounted be (5) Thy faigned words and signes. For noting well thy deedes vnkinde, Sheepheard, thou must not scan: That euer it came to my minde, To praise thy faith like to the winde, (10) Or for a constant man.
For this in thee shall so be found, As smoake blowne in the aire: +Or like Quick-siluer turning round, Or as a house built on the ground (15) Of sands that doo impaire. To firmenesse thou art contrarie, +More slipp’rie then the Eele: Changing as Weather-cocke + on hie, Or the Camelion on the die, +(20) Or Fortunes turning wheele.
Who would beleeue thou wert so free, To blaze me thus each houre? My Sheepheardesse, thou liu’st in me, My soule dooth onely dwell in thee, (25) And euery vitall power. Pale Atropos my vitall string Shall cut, and life offend: The streames shall first turne to their spring. +The world shall end, and euery thing, (30) Before my loue shall end.
This loue that thou didst promise me, Sheepheard, where is it found?