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Let me home returne starke blinded Of those eyes, and blinder minded. (85) If to secret of my hart I doo any wish impart: Where thou art not formost placed; Be both wish and I defaced. If more may be said, I say (90) All my blisse on thee I lay. If thou loue, my loue content thee, For all loue, all faith is meant thee. Trust me, while I thee denie, In my selfe the smart I trie.(95) Tirant, honour dooth thus vse thee, Stellaes selfe might not refuse thee. Therefore (deere) this no more moue, Least, though I leaue not thy loue, Which too deepe in me is framed: (100) I should blush when thou art named. There-with-all, away she went, Leauing him to passion rent: With what she had done and spoken, That there-with my Song is broken.

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.

¶ Syrenus his Song to Dianaes Flocks. +

P Assed contents, Oh what meane ye? Forsake me now, and doo not wearie me. Wilt thou heare me ô memorie, (5) My pleasant dayes, and nights againe, I haue appai’d with seauen-fold paine. Thou hast no more to aske me why, For when I went, they all did die As thou doo’st see: (10) O leaue me then, and doo not wearie me.