EnglandsHelicon S3v


(5) And Fortunes Fate not fearing, Sing sweet in Sommer morning.
Their dealings plaine and rightfull are voide of all deceite: They neuer know how spightfull, (10) it is to kneele and waite; On fauourite presumptuous, Whose pride is vaine and sumptuous.
All day theyr flocks each tendeth, at night they take their rest: (15) More quiet then who sendeth his ship into the East; Where gold and pearle are plentie, But getting very daintie.
For Lawyers and their pleading, (20) they’steeme it not a straw: They thinke that honest meaning, is of it selfe a law; Where conscience iudgeth plainely, They spend no money vainely.
(25) Oh happy who thus liueth, not caring much for gold: With cloathing which suffiseth, to keepe him from the cold. Though poore and plaine his diet: (30) Yet merrie it is and quiet.

FINIS. Out of M. Birds set Songs.