EnglandsHelicon S3r


¶ The Nimph Seluagia her Song. +

S Heepheard, who can passe such wrong, And a life in woes so deepe? Which to liue is to too long, As it is too short to weepe.
(5) Greeuous sighs in vaine I wast, Leesing my affiance, and I perceaue my hope at last with a candle in the hand.
What time then to hope among (10) bitter hopes, that neuer sleepe? When this life is to too long, as it is too short to weepe.
This greefe which I feele so rife,(wretch) I doo deserue as hire:(15) Since I came to put my life in the hands of my desire.
Then cease not my complaints so strong, for (though life her course dooth keepe:) It is not to liue so long, (20) as it is too short to weepe.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ The Heard-mans happie life. +

W Hat pleasure haue great Princes, more daintie to their choice, Then Heardmen wilde, who carelesse,in quiet life reioyce?