EnglandsHelicon S1r


¶ Philistus farewell to false Clorinda. +

C Lorinda false adiew, thy loue torments me: Let Thirsis haue thy hart, since he contents thee. Oh greefe and bitter anguish, For thee I languish, (5) Faine I (alas) would hide it, Oh, but who can abide it? I can, I cannot I abide it. Adiew, adiew then, Farewell, (10) Leaue my death now desiring: For thou hast thy requiring.Thus spake Philistus, on his hooke relying:And sweetly fell a dying.

FINIS. Out of M. Morleyes Madrigalls.

¶ Rosalindes Madrigall. +

L Oue + in my bosome like a Bee, dooth suck his sweete: Now with his wings he playes with me, now with his feete. (5) Within mine eyes he makes his nest, His bed amidst my tender brest, My kisses are his daily feast, And yet he robs me of my rest. Ah wanton will ye?
(10) And if I sleepe, then pierceth + he, with prettie slight: +And makes his pillow of my knee, the liue-long night. Strike I my Lute, he tunes the string,