EnglandsHelicon R2v


Taurisius. (5) What woman is, or euer was, That when she looketh, could be mou’d?
Diana. She that resolues her life to passe, Neyther to loue, nor to be lou’d.
Taurisius. There is no hart so fierce and hard. (10) That can so much torment a soule:
Diana. Nor Sheepheard of so small regard, That reason will so much controule.
Taurisius. How falls it out Loue dooth not kill Thy crueltie with some remorce?
Diana. (15) Because that Loue is but a will, And free-will dooth admit no force.
Taurisius. Behold what reason now thou hast, To remedie my louing smart:
Diana. The very same bindes me as fast, (20) To keepe such daunger from my hart.
Taurisius. Why doo’st thou thus torment my minde, And to what end thy beautie keepe?
Diana. Because thou call’st me still vnkinde, And pittilesse when thou doo’st weepe.
Taurisius. (25) Is it because thy crueltie In killing me dooth neuer end?
Diana. Nay, for because I meane thereby, My hart from sorrow to defend.
Taurisius. Be bold so foule I am no way (30) As thou doo’st think, faire Sheepheardesse:
Diana. With this content thee, that I say, That I beleeue the same no lesse.
Taurisius. What, after giuing me such store Of passions, doo’st thou mock me too?
Diana. (35) If aunsweres thou wilt any more. Goe seeke them without more adoo.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.