EnglandsHelicon R1v


My freest sences I haue harm’d (To loue thee) leauing them vnarm’d: And yet I would (35) Loue thee more, if that I could.
Faustus. I euer gaue, and giue thee still Such store of loue, as Loue hath lent me: And therefore well thou maist content thee, That Loue dooth so enrich my fill: (40) But now behold my cheefest will, That faine I would Loue thee more, if that I could.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ Sireno a Sheepheard, hauing a lock of his faire Nimphs haire, wrapt a-
bout with greene silke, mournes thus in a Loue-Dittie.

W Hat chang’s heere, ô haire, I see since I saw you? How ill fits you this greene to weare, For hope + the colour due? (5) In deede I well did hope, Though hope were mixt with feare: No other Sheepheard should haue scopeOnce to approach this heare.
Ah haire, how many dayes, (10) My Dian made me show, With thousand prettie childish playes, If I ware you or no? Alas, how oft with teares, (Oh teares of guilefull brest:) (15) She seemed full of iealous feares, Whereat I did but iest?