EnglandsHelicon Q3v


Sorrowes and ioy in each soule to bestow In equall parts, procur’d by amorous fire Beauty and Loue in her their force haue tried, (35) to blind each humane eye.
Each wicked mind and will, which wicked vice dooth staine, her vertues breake and stay: All ayres infect by ayre are purg’d and spent, Though of a great foundation they, did grow. (40) O body, that so braue a soule doo’st hire, And blessed soule, whose vertues euer priedaboue the starrie skie.
Onely for her my life in ioyes I traine my soule sings many a Lay: (45) Musing on her, new Seas I doo inuent Of soueraigne ioy, wherein with pride I rowe. The deserts for her sake I doo require, For without her, the Springs of ioy are dried and that I doo defie.
(50) Sweete Fate, that to a noble deede doo’st straine, and lift my hart to day: Sealing her there with glorious ornament, Sweete seale, sweete greefe, and sweetest ouerthrowe. Sweete miracle, whose fame cannot expire, (55) Sweete wound, and golden shaft, that so espied such heauenly companie Of beauties graces in sweete vertues died, As like were neuer in such yeares descried.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.