EnglandsHelicon Q3r


¶ The Sheepheard Delicius his Dittie. +

N Euer a greater foe did Loue disdaine, Or trode on grasse so gay, Nor Nimph greene leaues with whiter hand hath rent, More golden haire the wind did neuer blow, (5) Nor fairer Dame hath bound in white attire, Or hath in Lawne more gracious features tied, Then my sweete Enemie.
Beautie and chastitie one place refraine, +In her beare equall sway: (10) Filling the world with wonder and content. But they doo giue me paine and double woe, Since loue and beautie kindled my desire, And cruell chastitie from me denied All sence of iollitie.
(15) There is no Rose, nor Lillie after raine, Nor flower in moneth of May, Nor pleasant meade, nor greene in Sommer sent, That seeing them, my minde delighteth so, As that faire flower which all the heauens admire, (20) Spending my thoughts on her, in whom abideAll grace and gifts on hie.
Me thinks my heauenly Nimph I see againe Her neck and breast display: Seeing the whitest Ermine + to frequent (25) Some plaine, or flowers that make the fairest show. O Gods, I neuer yet beheld her nier, Or farre, in shade, or Sunne, that satisfied I was in passing by.
The Meade, the Mount, the Riuer, Wood, and Plaine, (30) With all their braue array, Yeeld not such sweete, as that faire face that’s bent