EnglandsHelicon Q2r


For as the Plaines reuiue, (10) And put on youthfull greene: As plants begin to thriue, That disattir’d had beene: And Arbours now aliue, In former pompe are seene. (15) So if my Spring had any flowers before: Your breathes Fauonius hath encreast the store.


ΒΆ A Nimphs disdaine of Loue. +

H Ey downe a downe did Dian sing, amongst her Virgins sitting: Then loue there is no vainer thing, for Maydens most vnfitting, (5) And so think I, with a downe downe derrie.
When women knew no woe, but liu’d them-selues to please: Mens fayning guiles they did not know, the ground of their disease. (10) Vnborne was false suspect, no thought of iealousie: From wanton toyes and fond affect, the Virgins life was free. Hey downe a downe did Dian sing, &c.
(15) At length men vsed charmes, to which what Maides gaue eare: Embracing gladly endlesse harmes, anone enthralled were. Thus women welcom’d woe, (20) disguis’d in name of loue: A iealous hell, a painted show, so shall they finde that proue.