EnglandsHelicon O3r


Or suffer more, that I haue not endured? What cruell minde, what angry breast displayed, With sauage hart, to fiercenes so adiured? Would not such mortall griefe make milde and tender: (50) But that, which my fell Sheepheardesse dooth render?
Now as I haue perceaued well thy reasons, Which thou hast had, or hast yet to forget me, The paines, the griefes, the guilts of forced treasons, That I haue done, wherein thou first didst set me: (55) The passions, and thine eares and eyes refusing To peare and see me, meaning to vndoe me: Cam’st thou to know, or be but once perusing Th’vnsought occasions, which thou gau’st vnto me: Thou should’st not haue where-with to more torment me: (60) Nor I to pay the fault my rashnes lent me.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ Montana the Sheepheard, his loue to Aminta. +

I Serue Aminta, + whiter then the snowe, Straighter then Cedar, brighter then the glasse: More fine in trip, then foote of running Roe, More pleasant then the field of flowring grasse. (5) More gladsome to my withering ioyes that fade: Then Winters Sunne, or Sommers cooling shade.
Sweeter then swelling Grape of ripest wine, Softer then feathers of the fairest Swan: Smoother then Iet, more stately then the Pine, (10) Fresher then Poplar, smaller then my span. +Clearer then Phœbus fierie pointed beame: Or Icie crust of Christalls frozen streame. +