EnglandsHelicon O2v


If that the little Sheepe with speede is flying From angry Sheepheard (with his words afrayed) And runneth here and there with fearefull crying, And with great griefe is from the flock estrayed: (15) But when it now perceiues that none doth follow, And all alone, so farre estraying mourneth, Knowing what danger it is in, with hollow And fainting bleates, then fearefull it returneth Vnto the flock, meaning no more to leaue it: (20) Should it not be a iust thing to receaue it?
Lift vp those eyes (Ismenia) which so stately To view me, thou hast lifted vp before me, That liberty, which was mine owne but lately, Giue me againe, and to the same restore me: (25) And that mild hart, so full of loue and pittie, Which thou didst yeeld to me, and euer owe me; Behold (my Nimph) I was not then so wittie To know that sincere loue that thou didst shew me: Now wofull man, full well I know and rue it, (30) Although it was too late before I knew it.
How could it be (my enemie?) say, tell me, How thou (in greater fault and errour being Then euer I was thought) should’st thus repell me? And with new league and cruell title seeing (35) Thy faith so pure and worthy to be changed? And what is that Ismenia, that dooth bind it To loue, whereas the same is most estranged, And where it is impossible to finde it? But pardon me, if heerein I abuse thee: (40) Since that the cause thou gau’st me dooth excuse me.
But tell me now, what honour hast thou gayned, Auenging such a fault by thee committed, And there-vnto by thy occasion trayned? What haue I done, that I haue not acquitted? (45) Or what excesse that is not amply payed,