EnglandsHelicon O1r


(25) Which contempt I pay so farre, Neuer like was paid so much: Iealousies doo make me warre, But without a cause of such.
I doo goe with iealous eyes, (30) To my folds, and to my Sheepe: And with iealousie I rise, When the day begins to peepe.
At his table I doo eate, In his bed with him I lie: (35) But I take no rest, nor meate, Without cruell iealousie.
If I aske him what he ayles, And whereof he iealous is? In his aunswere then he failes, (40) Nothing can he say to this.
In his face there is no cheere, But he euer hangs the head: In each corner he dooth peere, And his speech is sad and dead.
(45) Ill the poore soule liues ywis: That so hardly married is.

Bar. Yong. FINIS.

¶ Rowlands Madrigall. +

F Aire Loue rest thee heere, Neuer yet was morne so cleere, Sweete be not vnkinde, Let me thy fauour finde, (5) Or else for loue I die.