EnglandsHelicon N4v


But shafts, but cares, sighs, horrors vnrecured, Were nought esteem’d, if for their paines awarded: (15) Your Sheepheards loue might be by you regarded.


¶ The Nimph Dianaes Song. +

W Hen that I poore soule was borne, I was borne vnfortunate: Presently the Fates had sworne, To fore-tell my haplesse state.
(5) Titan his faire beames did hide, Phœbe ‘clips’d her siluer light: In my birth my Mother died, Young and faire in heauie plight
And the Nurse that gaue me suck, (10) Haplesse was in all her life: And I neuer had good luck, Being mayde or married wife.
I lou’d well, and was belou’d, And forgetting, was forgot: (15) This a haplesse marriage mou’d, Greeuing that it kills me not.
With the earth would I were wed, Then in such a graue of woes Daylie to be buried, (20) Which no end nor number knowes.
Young my Father married me, Forc’d by my obedience: Syrenus, thy faith, and thee I forgot without offence.