EnglandsHelicon N3v


Because I sawe that there did want (50) My hart, wherein I did delight, my dearest hart: And he that did the same supplant, No iurisdiction had of right to play that part.
(55) The Iudge and Robber, that remaine Within my soule, their cause to trie, are there all one: And so the giuer of the paine, And he that is condemn’d to die (60) or I, or none.
To die I care not any way, Though without why, to die I greeue, as I doo see: But for because I heard her say, (65) None die for loue for I beleeue none such there be.
Then this thou shalt beleeue by me Too late, and without remedie as did in briefe: (70) Anaxarete, and thou shalt see, The little she did satisfie with after griefe.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

ΒΆ The Sheepheards praise of his sacred Diana. +

P Raysed be Dianaes faire and harmelesse light, Praised be the dewes, where-with she moists the ground: Praised be her beames, the glory of the night, Prais’d be her power, by which all powers abound.