EnglandsHelicon N2r


With folded armes I trampled through the grasse, (10) Tracing as he That held the throane of Fortune brittle glasse, +And loue to be Like Fortune fleeting, as the restlesse wind Mixed (15) with mists Whose dampe dooth make the clearest eyes grow blind.
Thus in a maze, I spied a hideous flame, I cast my sight, And sawe where blithely bathing in the same (20) With great delight A worme did lie, wrapt in a smoakie sweate: And yet twas strange, It carelesse lay, and shrunk not at the heate.
(25) I stoode amaz’d, and wondring at the sight, while that a dame, That shone like to the heauens rich sparkling light, Discourst the same, And said, My friend, this worme within the fire: (30) Which lyes content, Is Venus worme, and represents desire.
A Salamander + is this princely beast, Deck’d with a crowne, (35) Giuen him by Cupid as a gorgeous creast, Gainst Fortunes frowne, Content he lyes, and bathes him in the flame, And goes not foorth, (40) For why, he cannot liue without the same.
As he, so Louers liue within the fire Of feruent loue: