EnglandsHelicon N1v


¶ Damelus Song to his Diaphenia. +

D Iaphenia like the Daffadown-dillie, White as the Sunne, faire as the Lillie, heigh hoe, how I doo loue thee? I doo loue thee as my Lambs (5) Are beloued of their Dams, how blest were I if thou would’st prooue me?
Diaphenia like the spreading Roses, That in thy sweetes all sweetes incloses, faire sweete how I doo loue thee? (10) I doo loue thee as each flower, Loues the Sunnes life-giuing power. for dead, thy breath to life might mooue me.
Diaphenia like to all things blessed, When all thy praises are expressed, (15) deare Ioy, how I doo loue thee? As the birds doo loue the Spring: Or the Bees their carefull King, then in requite, sweet Virgin loue me


¶ The Sheepheard Eurymachus to his faire Sheepheardesse
Mirimida. +

W Hen Flora proud in pompe of all her flowers sate bright and gay: And gloried in the dewe of Iris showers, and did display (5) Her mantle checquer’d all with gaudie greene, Then I alone A mournfull man in Ericine + was seene.