EnglandsHelicon M4v


To loue thou must begin, And from hence-forth this question neuer make, If that thou should’st a secret Louer take?
(35) Of force it dooth behooueThat thou should’st be belou’d, and that againe (Faire Mistresse) thou should’st loue, For to what end, what purpose, and what gaine, Should such perfections serue? as now in vaine (40) My loue is of such art, That (of it selfe) it well deserues to take In thy sweete loue a part: Then for no Sheepheard, that his loue dooth make, (Sweet life) doo not my secret loue forsake.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ Another of the same, by Firmius the Sheepheard. +

I F that the gentle winde dooth mooue the leaues with pleasant sound, If that the Kid behind Is left, that cannot find (5) her dam, runnes bleating vp and downe: The Bagpipe, Reede, or Flute, onely with ayre if that they touched be, With pitty all salute, And full of loue doo brute(10) thy name, and sound Diana, seeing thee: A faire Mayde wed to prying Iealousie.
The fierce and sauage beasts(beyond their kind and nature yet) With pitteous voyce and brest, (15) In mountaines without rest the selfe same Song doo not forget.