EnglandsHelicon M4r


¶ The Sheepheard Faustus his Song. +

A faire Mayde wed to prying Iealousie, One of the fairest as euer I did see: If that thou wilt a secret Louer take, (Sweet life) doe not my secret loue forsake.

(5) E Cclipsed was our Sunne, And faire Aurora darkened to vs quite, Our morning starre was doone, And Sheepheards starre lost cleane out of our sight, When that thou didst thy faith in wedlock plight.(10) Dame Nature made thee faire, And ill did carelesse Fortune marry thee, And pitty with despaire It was, that this thy haplesse hap should be, A faire Mayde wed to prying Iealousie.
(15) Our eyes are not so bold To view the Sun, that flies with radiant wing: Vnlesse that we doo hold A glasse before them, or some other thing. Then wisely this to passe did Fortune bring (20) To couer thee with such a vaile: For heeretofore, when any viewed thee, Thy sight made his to faile, For (sooth) thou art: thy beautie telleth mee, One of the fairest as euer I did see.
(25) Thy graces to obscure, With such a froward husband, and so base She meant thereby most sure That Cupids force, and loue thou should’st embrace, For ’tis a force to loue, no wondrous case. (30) Then care no more for kin, And doubt no more, for feare thou must forsake,