EnglandsHelicon L4r


Both. (25) The Sunne that lights this world below. Flocks, flowers, and brookes will witnesse beare: These Nimphs and Sheepheards all doo know, That it is she is onely faire.

FINIS. Mich. Drayton.

¶ The solitarie Sheepheards Song. +

O Shadie Vales, ô faire enriched Meades, O sacred woods, sweet fields, and rising mountaines: O painted flowers, greene hearbs where Flora treads, Refresht by wanton winds and watry fountaines.
(5) O all you winged Queristers of wood, that pearcht aloft, your former paines report: And straite againe recount with pleasant moode, your present ioyes in sweete and seemely sort.
O all you creatures whosoeuer thriue (10) on mother earth, in Seas, by ayre, by fire: More blest are you then I heere vnder Sunne, loue dies in me, when as he dooth reuiue In you, I perish vnder beauties ire, where after stormes, winds, frosts, your life is wunne.

FINIS. Thom. Lodge.

¶ The Sheepheards resolution in loue. +

I F Ioue him-selfe be subiect vnto Loue, And range the woods to finde a mortall pray, If Neptune from the Seas him-selfe remoue, And seeke on sands with earthly wights to play: (5) Then may I loue my Sheepheardesse by right; Who farre excells each other mortall wight?