EnglandsHelicon L3r


Meli. Yet what is Loue, I pre-thee say?
Fau. It is a worke on holy-day, It is December match’d with May, (10) When lustie-bloods in fresh aray, Heare ten moneths after of the play, And this is Loue, as I heare say.
Meli. Yet what is Loue, good Sheepheard saine?
Fau. It is a Sun-shine mixt with raine, (15) It is a tooth-ach, or like paine, It is a game where none dooth gaine, The Lasse saith no, and would full faine: +And this is Loue, as I heare saine.
Meli. Yet Sheepheard, what is Loue, I pray?
Fau. (20) It is a yea, it is a nay, A pretty kind of sporting fray, It is a thing will soone away, Then Nimphs take vantage while ye may: And this is loue as I heare say.
Meli. (25) Yet what is loue, good Shepheard show?
Fau. A thing that creepes, it cannot goe, A prize that passeth too and fro, A thing for one, a thing for moe, And he that prooues shall finde it so; (30) And Sheepheard this is loue I troe.

FINIS. Ignoto.

¶ To his Flocks. +

F Eede on my Flocks securely, Your Sheepheard watcheth surely, Runne about my little Lambs, Skip and wanton with your Dammes, (5) Your louing Heard with care will tend ye: Sport on faire flocks at pleasure, Nip Vestaes flowring treasure, +