EnglandsHelicon L2r


Compares not with her white, Whose haires are all Sunne-beames. So bright my Nimph dooth shine As day vnto my eyne.
(25) With this there is a red, Exceedes the Damaske-Rose: Which in her cheekes is spred, Whence euery fauour growes. In Skie there is no starre, (30) But she surmounts it farre.
When Phoebus from the bed Of Thetis dooth arise: The morning blushing red, In faire Carnation wise: (35) He shewes in my Nimphs face, As Queene of euery grace.
This pleasant Lilly white, This taint of Roseate red: This Cinthiaes siluer light, (40) This sweete faire Dea + spred, These Sun-beames in mine eye, These beauties make me die.

FINIS. Earle of Oxenford.

ΒΆ Coridon to his Phillis. +

A Las my hart, mine eye hath wronged thee, Presumptuous eye, to gaze on Phillis face: Whose heauenly eye no mortall man may see, But he must die, or purchase Phillis grace. (5) Poore Coridon, the Nimph whose eye dooth mooue thee: Dooth loue to draw, but is not drawne to loue thee.