EnglandsHelicon K3v


And let not them accuse Thee (gentle-Loue) that dooth with blisse enfould (65) Within thy sweetest ioyes each liuing soule.
Behold a faire sweete face, and shining eyes, Resembling two most bright and twinkling starres, Sending vnto the soule a perfect light: Behold the rare perfections of those white (70) And Iuorie hands, from greefes most surest barres That mind wherein all life and glory lyes, That ioy that neuer dyes, That he dooth feele, that loues and is beloued, And my delights approoued, (75) To see her pleas’d, whose loue maintaines me heere, All those I count so deere, That though sometimes Loue dooth my ioyes controule: Yet am I glad he dwels within my soule.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

ΒΆ A Sheepheards dreame. +

A Silly Sheepheard lately sate among a flock of Sheepe: Where musing long on this and that, at last he fell a sleepe. (5) And in the slumber as he lay, he gaue a pitteous groane: He thought his sheepe were runne away, and he was left alone. He whoopt, he whistled, and he call’d, (10) but not a sheepe came neere him: Which made the Sheepheard sore appall’d, to see that none would heare him. But as the Swaine amazed stood, in this most solemne vaine: