EnglandsHelicon K2v


These fauours Louers borrow Of thee fell Loue, these be thy recompences: Consuming still their soule and inward sences.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ The Sheepheard Arsileus replie to Syrenus Song. +

O Let that time a thousand moneths endure, Which brings from heauen the sweet and siluer showers, And ioyes the earth (of comfort late depriued) With grasse and leaues, fine buds, and painted flowers. (5) Ecchoe , returne vnto the woods obscure. Ring foorth the Sheepheards Songs in loue contriued. Let old loues be reuiued, Which angry Winter buried but of late, And that in such a state (10) My soule may haue the full accomplishment Of ioy and sweet content. And since fierce paines and greefes thou doost controule: Good Loue, doo not forsake my inward soule.
Presume not (Sheepheards) once to make you merrie, (15) With springs, and flowers, or any pleasant Song, (Vnlesse mild Loue possesse your amorous breasts) If you sing not to him, + your Songs doo wearie, Crowne him with flowers, or else ye doo him wrong, And consecrate your Springs to his behests. (20) I to my Sheepheardesse My happy loues with great content doo sing. And flowers to her doo bring. And sitting neere her by the Riuer side, Enioy the braue Spring-tide. (25) Since then thy ioyes such sweetnes dooth enroule: Good Loue, doo not forsake my inward soule.