EnglandsHelicon I2v


And euery Swaine his chaunce dooth proue, (30) To winne faire Amarganaes loue, In sporting strifes quite voide of spleene: To glad our louely Sommer Queene.
All happines let Heauen her lend, And all the Graces her attend. (35) Thus bid me pray the Muses nine , Long liue our louely Sommer Queene.


ΒΆ Another of the same. +

H Appy Sheepheards sit and see, with ioy, The peerelesse wight: For whose sake Pan keepes from ye (5) annoy, And giues delight. Blessing this pleasant Spring, Her praises must I sing. List you Swaines, list to me: (10) The whiles your Flocks feeding be.
First her brow a beauteous Globe, I deeme, And golden haire; And her cheeke Auroraes roabe, +(15) dooth seeme, But farre more faire. Her eyes like starres are bright. And dazle with their light, Rubies her lips to see, (20) But to tast, Nectar they be.
Orient pearles her teeth, her smile dooth linke the Graces three: Her white necke dooth eyes beguile (25) to thinke it Iuorie.