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Daphnis deserts and beauty are too rare, Then heere conclude (50) faire Daphnis praise.

FINIS. I. Wootton.

¶ Dorons description of his faire Sheepheardesse Samela. +

L Ike to Diana in her Sommer weede, Girt with a Crimson roabe of brightest die: goes faire Samela. Whiter then be the flocks that stragling feed, (5) When wash’d by Arethusa, faint they lie, is faire Samela. As faire Aurora in her morning gray, Deckt with the ruddy glister of her loue: is faire Samela. (10) Like louely Thetis on a calmed day, When as her brightnes Neptunes fancies moue. shines faire Samela. Her tresses gold, her eyes like glassie streames, Her teeth are pearle, the brests are Iuorie: (15) of faire Samela, Her cheekes like Rose and Lilly yeeld foorth gleames, Her browes bright arches fram’d of Ebonie, thus faire Samela Passeth faire Venus in her brightest hew, (20) And Iuno in the shew of Maiestie: for she’s Samela. Pallas in wit, all three if you well view, For beauty, wit, and matchlesse dignitie, yeeld to Samela.

FINIS. Ro. Greene.