EnglandsHelicon H3v


¶ Phæbes Sonnet, a replie to Montanus passion. +

D Owne a downe, +Thus Phillis sung, By fancie once distressed: Who so by foolish Loue are stung (5) are worthily oppressed. And so sing I, with downe a downe, &c.
When Loue was first begot, And by the mothers will: Did fall to humane lot, (10) His solace to fulfill. Deuoide of all deceite, A chast and holy fire: Did quicken mans conceite, And womens breasts inspire. (15) The Gods that saw the good, That mortalls did approoue: With kind and holy moode, Began to talke of Loue. Downe a downe, (20) Thus Phillis sung By fancie once distressed, &c.
But during this accord, A wonder strange to heare: Whilst Loue in deede and word, (25) Most faithfull did appeare; False semblance came in place, By Iealousie attended: And with a double face, Both loue and fancie blended. (30) Which made the Gods forsake, And men from fancie flie: And Maydens scorne a make, Forsooth and so will I.