EnglandsHelicon H2v


Euen so poore bird like thee, None a-liue will pitty mee.

FINIS. Ignoto.

¶ The Sheepheards allusion of his owne amorous infelicitie, to the
offence of
Actæon. +

A Ctæon lost in middle of his sport +Both shape and life, for looking but awry: Diana was afraide he would report What secrets he had seene in passing by. (5) To tell but truth, the selfe same hurt haue I: By viewing her for whom I daily die. I leese my wonted shape, in that my mind Dooth suffer wrack vpon the stonie rock Of her disdaine, who contrarie to kind (10) Dooth beare a breast more hard then any stock; And former forme of limbs is changed quite: By cares in loue, and want of due delight. I leese my life, in that each secret thought, Which I conceaue through wanton fond regard: (15) Dooth make me say, that life auayleth nought, Where seruice cannot haue a due reward. I dare not name the Nimph that works my smart, Though Loue hath grau’n her name within my hart.

FINIS. Tho. Watson.

¶ Montanus Sonnet to his faire Phæbe. +

A Turtle sate vpon a leauelesse tree, Mourning her absent pheare, With sad and sorrie cheare. About her wondring stood, (5) The Cittizens of wood.