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Had yet the grace, (รด gracious guest) to hap on such a face. (25) He pitty cryed, and pitty came, and pittied so his paine: As dying, would not let him die, but gaue him life againe. For ioy whereof he made such mirth, (30) as all the woods did ring: And Pan with all his Swaines came foorth, to heare the Sheepheard sing. But such a Song sung neuer was, nor shall be sung againe: (35) Of Phillida the Sheepheards Queene, and Coridon the Swaine. Faire Phillis is the Sheepheards Queene, (was neuer such a Queene as she,) And Coridon her onely Swaine, (40) (was neuer such a Swaine as he.) Faire Phillis hath the fairest face, that euer eye did yet behold: And Coridon the constants faith, that euer yet kept flocke in fold. (45) Sweete Phillis is the sweetest sweete, that euer yet the earth did yeeld: And Coridon the kindest Swaine, that euer yet kept Lambs in field. Sweete Philomell + is Phillis bird, (50) though Coridon be he that caught her: And Coridon dooth heare her sing, though Phillida be she that taught her. Poore Coridon dooth keepe the fields, though Phillida be she that owes them: (55) And Phillida dooth walke the Meades, though Coridon be he that mowes them. The little Lambs are Phillis loue, though Coridon is he that feedes them: The Gardens faire are Phillis ground, (60) though Coridon be he that weedes them.