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I wooed hard a day or two, Till she bad, Be not sad, (25) Wooe no more, I am thine owne, thy dearest little one, thy truest pretty one. Thus was faith and firme loue showne, As behooues(30) Sheepheards Loues.

Ro. Greene. FINIS.

¶ Astrophell his Song of Phillida and Coridon. +

F Aire in a morne, (ô fairest morne) was neuer morne so faire: There shone a Sunne, though not the Sunne, that shineth in the ayre. (5) For the earth, and from the earth, (was neuer such a creature:) Did come this face, (was neuer face,) that carried such a feature. Vpon a hill, (ô blessed hill, (10) was neuer hill so blessed) There stoode a man, (was neuer man for woman so distressed.) This man beheld a heauenly view, which did such vertue giue: (15) As cleares the blind, and helps the lame, and makes the dead man liue. This man had hap, (ô happy man more happy none then hee;) For he had hap to see the hap, (20) that none had hap to see. This silly Swaine, (and silly Swaines are men of meanest grace: )