EnglandsHelicon G2r


(25) Iolly Sheepheard, Sheepheard heere or there, heere or there so merrily, heere or there so cherily, Or in thy chat, eyther at thy cheere, In euery Iigge, in euery Lay: (30) both sing and say; Loue lasts for aye.
Iolly Sheepheard, Sheepheard Daphnis Loue, Daphnis loue so merrily, Daphnis loue so cherily, Let thy fancie neuer more remoue, (35) Fancie be fixt, fixt not to fleete, still sing and say; Loues yoake is sweete.

FINIS. Iohn Wootton.

¶ Montanus praise of his faire Phæbe. +

P Hæbe sate, Sweete she sate, sweete sate Phæbe when I saw her, White her brow (5) Coy her eye, brow and eye, how much you please me? Words I spent, Sighs I sent, sighs and words could neuer draw her, (10) Oh my Loue, Thou art lost, since no sight could euer ease thee.
Phæbe sate By a Fount, (15) sitting by a Fount I spide her, Sweete her touch, Rare her voyce, touch and voyce, what may distaine you?