EnglandsHelicon F3r


Heere lyeth vnhappy Harpalus, by cruell Loue now slaine: Whom Phillida vniustly thus, hath murdred with disdaine.

FINIS. L. T. Haward, Earle of Surrie.

ΒΆ An other of the same subiect, but made as it were
in aunswere.

O N a goodly Sommers day, Harpalus and Phillida, He a true harted Swaine, Shee full of coy disdaine, (5) droue their flocks to field: He to see his Sheepheardesse, She did dreame on nothing lesse, Then his continuall care, Which to grim-fac’d Dispaire, (10) wholely did him yield. Corin she affected still, All the more thy hart to kill. Thy case dooth make me rue, That thou should’st loue so true, (15) and be thus disdain’d: While their flocks a feeding were, They did meete together there. Then with a curtsie lowe, And sighs that told his woe, (20) thus to her he plain’d.
Bide a while faire Phillida, List what Harpalus will say Onely in loue to thee, Though thou respect not mee, (25) yet vouchsafe an eare: