EnglandsHelicon E4r


(5) Meadowes flourish’d fresh and gay, where the wanton Heards did play.
Springs more cleare then Christall streames, Seated were the Groues among: Thus nor Titans scorching beames. (10) Nor earths drouth could Sheepheards wrong. Faire Pomonaes fruitfull pride: +did the budding braunches hide.
Flocks of sheepe fed on the Plaines, Harmelesse sheepe that roamd at large: (15) Heere and there sate pensiue Swaines,Wayting on their wandring charge. Pensiue while their Lasses smil’d: Lasses which had them beguil’d.
Hills with trees were richly dight, (20) Vallies stor’d with Vestaes wealth: +Both did harbour sweet delight, Nought was there to hinder health. Thus did heauen grace the soyle: Not deform’d with work-mens toile.
(25) Purest plot of earthly mold, Might that Land be iustly named: Art by Nature was controld, Art which no such pleasures framed. Fayrer place was neuer seene: (30) Fittest place for Beauties Queene.