EnglandsHelicon D2v


A Chaplet on her head she wore, hey hoe the Chaplet: Of sweet Violets therein was store, (20) she’s sweeter then the Violet. My Sheepe did leaue their wonted food, hey hoe silly Sheepe: And gaz’d on her as they were wood, wood as he that did them keepe.
(25) As the Bony-lasse passed by, hey hoe Bony-lasse: Shee rold at me with glauncing eye, as cleare as the Christall-glasse. All as the Sunnie-beame so bright, (30) hey hoe the Sun-beame: Glaunceth from Phoebus face forth right, so loue into my hart did streame.
Or as the thunder cleaues the clouds, hey hoe the thunder: (35) Wherein the lightsome leuin shrouds, so cleaues my soule a-sunder. Or as Dame Cinthias siluer ray, hey hoe the moone-light: Vpon the glistering waue doth play, (40) such play is a pitteous plight.
The glaunce into my hart did glide, hey hoe the glider: There-with my soule was sharply gride, such wounds soone wexen wider. (45) Hasting to raunch the arrow out, hey hoe Perigot: I left the head in my hart roote, it was a desperate shot.
There it rankleth aye more and more, (50) hey hoe the arrow: