EnglandsHelicon D2r


Little would I, little want I, where the mind and store agreeth, (35) Smallest comfort is not scantie, least he longs that little seeth. Time hath beene that I haue longed, foolish I, to like of follie: To conuerse where honour thronged, (40) to my pleasures linked wholy.
Now I see, and seeing sorrow that the day consum’d, returnes not: Who dare trust vpon to morrow, when nor time, nor life soiournes not?

FINIS. Thom. Lodge.

¶ Perigot and Cuddies Roundelay. +

I T fell vpon a holy-Eue, +hey hoe holy-day: +When holy-Fathers wont to shriue,now ginneth this Roundelay. (5) Sitting vpon a hill so hie, hey hoe the hie hill: The while my flocke did feede thereby, the while the Sheepheards selfe did spill.
I saw the bouncing Bellybone, (10) hey hoe Bonny-bell: Tripping ouer the Dale alone, shee can trip it very well. Well decked in a Frock of gray, hey hoe gray is greete: (15) And in a Kirtle of greene Say,the greene is for Maydens meete.+