EnglandsHelicon D1r


¶ Melicertus Madrigale. +

W Hat are my Sheepe, without their wonted food? What is my life, except I gaine my Loue? My Sheepe consume, and faint for want of blood, My life is lost vnlesse I Grace approue. (5) No flower that saplesse thriues, No Turtle without pheare.
The day without the Sunne doth lower for woe, Then woe mine eyes, vnlesse they beauty see: My Sonne Samelaes eyes, by whom I know, (10) Wherein delight consists, where pleasures be. Nought more the hart reuiues, Then to embrace his Deare.
The starres from earthly humours gaine their light, Our humours by their light possesse their power: (15) Samelaes eyes fed by my weeping sight, Infuse my paines or ioyes, by smile or lower. So wends the source of loue, It feedes, it failes, it ends.
Kind lookes, cleare to your Ioy, behold her eyes, (20) Admire her hart, desire to tast her kisses: In them the heauen of ioy and solace lyes, Without them, euery hope his succour misses. Oh how I liue to prooue, Whereto this solace tends?

FINIS. Ro. Greene.