EnglandsHelicon C3v


Now rise vp Eliza, decked as thou art, (110) In royall ray: And now ye dainty Damsels may depart, Each one her way. I feare I haue troubled your troupes too long: Let dame Eliza thanke you for her Song. (115) And if you come hether, When Damzins I gather I will part them all, you among.

FINIS. Edm. Spencer.

¶ The Sheepheards Daffadill. +

G Orbo, as thou cam’st this way By yonder little hill, Or as thou through the fields didst stray, Saw’st thou my Daffadill?
(5) Shee’s in a frock of Lincolne greene, The colour Maydes delight, +And neuer hath her Beauty seene But through a vayle of white.
Then Roses richer to behold, (10) That dresse vp Louers Bowers, The Pansie and the Marigold Are Phœbus Paramoures.
Thou well describ’st the Daffadill, It is not full an hower (15) Since by the Spring neere yonder hill I saw that louely flower.
Yet with my flower thou didst not meete, Not newes of her doest bring,