EnglandsHelicon C1v


Why (alas) then dooth she sweare, that she loueth me so dearely: Seeing me so long to beare coales of loue that burne so clearely: (35) and yet leaue me helplesse meerely?
Is that loue? Forsooth I trow, +if I saw my good dogge greeued: And a helpe for him did know, my Loue should not be beleeued: (40) but he were by me releeued.
No, she hates me, well away, faigning loue, somewhat to please me: Knowing, if she should display all her hate, Death soone would seaze me: (45) and of hideous torments ease me.
Then my deare Flocke now adiew, but (alas) if in your straying, Heauenly Stella meete with you, tell her in your pittious blaying: (50) her poore slaues vniust decaying.

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.

¶ Hobbinolls Dittie in prayse of Eliza Queene of the

Y Ee dainty Nimphs that in this blessed Brooke Doo bath your brest; Forsake your watry Bowers, and hether looke At my request. (5) And you faire Virgins that on Parnasse dwell, Whence floweth Helicon the learned well: