EnglandsHelicon C1r


¶ Astrophell the Sheep-heard, his complaint to
his flocke.

G Oe my flocke, goe get yee hence, Seeke a better place of feeding: Where yee may haue some defence From the stormes in my breast breeding, (5) And showers from mine eyes proceeding.
Leaue a wretch, in whom all woe, can abide to keepe no measure: Merry Flocke, such one forgoe vnto whom mirth is displeasure, (10) onely ritch in mischiefes treasure.
Yet (alas) before you goe, heare your wofull Maisters Storie: Which to stones I else would showe, Sorrow onely then hath glorie: (15) when tis excellently sorrie.
Stella, + fiercest Sheepheardesse, fiercest, but yet fairest euer: Stella, whom the heauens still blesse, though against me she perseuer, (20) though I blisse, inherite neuer.
Stella, hath refused me, Stella, who more loue hath proued In this caitiffe hart to be, Then can in good by vs be moued: (25) Towards Lambkins best beloued.
Stella, hath refused me, Astrophell that so well serued. In this pleasant Spring must see while in pride flowers be preserued: (30) himselfe onely Winter-sterued.