EnglandsHelicon Bb4v


And in thy leaues my fortunes written be, (10) And then some gentle winde let blow abroade, That all the world may see, how false of loue, False Paris hath to his Oenone beene.

FINIS. Geo. Peele.

┬ÂThe Sheepheards Consort. +

H Arke iollie Sheepheards, harke yond lustie ringing: How cheerefully the bells daunce, the whilst the Lads are springing? (5) Goe we then, why sit we here delaying: And all yond mery wanton lasses playing? How gailie Flora leades it, and sweetly treads it? The woods and groaues they ring, (10) louely resounding: With Ecchoes sweet rebounding.

FINIS. Out of Ma. Morleys Madrigals.